Friday, March 10, 2017

Winter Can Be Green, Too


Where I live, I see pure white snow and deep green pine trees. It's a lovely combination.

Some people dress the same in SL all year long. Hey that's fine; it's winter, and you miss the beach and your bikini. That is where you would rather be. SL makes it possible to be who you want to be, where you want to be, at all times- that's why we love it.

But I'm more closely tied to the seasons. I admit that I bundle up in RL in ways that I would not in SL. It's no fun being a mummy in SL. (Unless, of course, you are an actual mummy.) But I will save my sundresses and rompers for warmer months.

Anyway so... I went shopping for sweater dresses and found lots of good things. And I found a great new shop: Pretty Things To Wear. Gabrielle has so many pretty things to wear! This is her Juna sweater dress.

It is fitted for the Bellezza body, thank goodness. (Too much of what is out there is only for Maitreya and while I like my Maitreya body, I prefer Bellezza.) It comes with a color change HUD and an applier for the stockings. I love it!

Green is a color I do not often wear, but I like this... kinda of a deep bluish green, actually, like a spruce tree that lives at my place.

I'm wearing my Cupcake boots from Blueberry.

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